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This space is for you...

We know you're busy.  You have a million things to do and most of them don't involve taking care of you.  We get it.  This is a space for you to access the tools you need to strive for your health and wellness goals no matter what they are.  Whether you're taking the first baby steps to self-care or have big lofty goals, we're here for you.  

Why a Virtual Wellness Center?

10 Open Tabs is the only wellness center for the busy woman who wants to prioritize her health and wellness while still managing her crazy schedule.

The only problem is, you can't always be at the gym, with your coach or practicing self-care on other people's schedules.  You shouldn't need to give up your  wellness goals to accommodate the other obligations in your life.  


10 Open Tabs allows you to meet with coaches and like minded women on your time, access the resources you're looking for and get the support, guidance and accountability you're needing at your pace, when you're ready.

Show yourself some l♥ve

Just imagine how amazing it will feel when...

  • You're taking steps to feel, look and perform your best.

  • You're eating food that not only supports your health goals, tastes fantastic and you feel free to enjoy every bite.

  • You're moving your body with purpose making you more energized, confident and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

  • You're less stressed and overwhelmed, able to be present and experience more joy.


Recipes, Demos, Recipe and Restaurant Reviews, Tips, Tricks and more.  Food can be healthy, easy, real AND delicious.


Exercise Videos, Classes, Tips, Demos and more. Everyone is busy, but we're here to help you find the time.  Let's get a move on!


Overbooked and Overwhelmed?  It's time to breathe.  We're dishing out the self-care guidance and accountability you're missing.

About Us

We are are a couple of busy women just like you!  In addition to our many other roles, Ebony is a certified fitness instructor and Amy is a Certified Health Coach.  We have both been coaching women for several years and and are more than ready to serve you in whatever ways you need.  If you're looking for support, guidance, accountability and or instruction, we're here when you need us, from your house, your car, the ball field, wherever that busy schedule takes you.

Be A Part Of Our Community

We're here to make healthy living accessible, enjoyable and doable even with a million other things to do.

Calendar of Events

Join us live or come back for the recording.  You'll have coaches, instructors and experts available to you to help you meet all of your health and wellness goals.


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