Consistency is KEY: Weight Loss and Healthy Habits That Last

By Amy Anderson:

Sometimes I fear that I sound so negative when I'm talking about health and wellness.  That sounds a little contradictory for a Health Coach I suppose, but it's true.  I have a tendency to let all the scammy products and programs out there get to me.  It makes me sad when people are so moved by the thought of a lower number on the scale or a few inches off their waist that they jump on the chance to dump money down the drain for gimmicky solutions to issues you can't resolve in a few weeks time.  Stay with me for a minute.

What are some of your most unhealthy habits?  Maybe you're a smoker (please quit), maybe you're addicted to soda or candy, maybe you eat ice cream before bed every night or you come home every day from work and plop on the couch only to get up for food and to pee (most of us are too busy for that but you never know).  Maybe you have drinks every night after dinner or you get sucked into your phone or Netflix for hours on end.  Maybe you only sleep a few hours a night or you get take-out for lunch every day.

What ever your unhealthy habits are, you've probably been at it for years.  It takes time to create a habit, and because you've been doing it so long, it takes time to break them too.  The struggle is real and no product or 30 day diet is going to change years, maybe a lifetime, of bad habits.

You might lose a bunch of weight quickly, or trim some inches off your belly in short order (possible I guess but less likely of course) but in order to make it last, and be healthy, you need to be backing it up with action.  Healthy actions.  Taking a supplement won't teach you how to deal with emotions more productively.  Wrapping yourself in plastic, doesn't make you physically fit.  Shakes are not healthier than whole, real foods.  The best way to make changes, whether it's weight loss or just healthier habits in general is addressing the issue (not putting a band-aid on it) and being super consistent with your actions!

Since I'm a total word nerd, I had to provide that photo to help you remember:

a) Marked by harmony - that's your reminder to take action that is a reflection of your goals.  So if trimming down your belly is what you're after, you might need to find a replacement for those sugary drinks and coffee creamers, or find new coping mechanisms for stressful situations.

b) Marked by agreement: COMPATIBLE- you need to buy into what ever the changes are that you're making.  If you're suffering through skipping meals but that's not compatible with your mood (or blood sugar levels), or you don't agree that you can live a happy life without dairy, it's not going to pan out in the long term.

c) Showing steady conformity or character, belief or custom- If you believe that you deserve to feel, look and be your best, then act like it!  If you have no problem pampering yourself with mani-pedi's or luxurious skin care products, shift that mentality to what you put in your body, how you move your body and allowing a mental T.O. from time to time.

And keep it going even when it feels hard.  By changing your behaviors and sticking with it week after week, month after month and year after year, you'll have a healthier set of habits and you won't need to give those crazy diets and products a second thought.  

Take some time to figure it out.  Reach out to me or another certified health coach (having a certificate to sell products is not the same as being a certified coach).  Don't be afraid to take it slow.  If you can nail one or two of your most destructive habits, you will be able to see and feel the difference, and it will be far more gratifying, cheaper and longer lasting.  Living a healthy life at a healthy weight is all about baby steps and consistency.  With practice, patience and direction you can totally make it happen.  




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