goals new year your word Jan 03, 2019

Blog by Amy:

It's a brand new year once again!  A clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning, or maybe just another day.  No matter how you approach the new year, you have to admit there's something a little symbolic about starting out, day one (or day 6 if you're a late bloomer like me).

I'm a firm believer that anytime is a good time to start something that's good for you but the new year somehow seems especially motivating, a perfect time to set some goals.  In addition to setting new goals, I've become a fan of choosing a word for the new year.  Something of a mantra, or a reminder of what you want to feel or achieve or acquire in the year ahead.  My word for 2019 is FOCUS.  

As usual I'm not exactly bursting out of the gate (I'm grateful that I'm not sick at least) but let's be real.  This is an exhausting time of year.  Many of us are still recovering from weeks of shopping, wrapping, socializing, decorating, planning, hosting, cleaning, cooking and on and on and on.  And while the pace slows after the holiday season, the constant doing and being and going never really ends.

With so much going on all the time, I just feel like I could use a little reminder.  To stay focused.  I want to stay focused on the now.  Focused on how I'm feeling.  And focused on the end game.  

Have you chosen a word for 2019?  It could be the reminder you need, a one word pep talk or symbolic of your biggest goal.  Can't decide?  Ask yourself some questions (maybe do some journaling on it if you're into that).

  • What is the number one thing I want to accomplish this year?
  • How do I want to feel as I move through the coming months?
  • What values are most important to me?
  • What have I been talking about for ages but keep pushing off?
  • What area of my life could use a little boost (or maybe an overhaul)?

I hope you'll join me in choosing a word if you haven't already, (because it's fun!) but remember, always, to be patient with yourself.  Just because you chose a word or created a goal or made a resolution doesn't mean it'll happen overnight.  It doesn't mean the changes won't be hard or challenging or that you won't forget or slip up once in a while.  You know that though.  But please, just keep that in mind if and when you start to stray.  It's all a process and treating yourself well throughout the journey is such an important part of the adventure.   I dare say, that's where some of the biggest lessons are learned!  I'd love to hear your word if you care to share.


*Members of 10 Open Tabs are invited to join us for a Goal Setting session with empowerment coach Carly Hamilton-Jones on 1/23/19.  All attendees are getting a My Intent bracelet with their chosen word for 2019, I hope you'll join!


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