Lessons Learned from a 7 Day "Detox"

By: Amy Anderson

Let me just start by saying, I might just be the only health coach you know that hates diets and detoxes.  It's true.  I have only done one, and I was hosting it!  We did 7 days with no processed foods, no added sugars, no white flour or rice and no alcohol.  We also limited meat, limited screen time (primarily before bed), added smoothies throughout the week (for extra veggies), plenty of water (half your weight in ounces) and at least 30 minutes of exercise (moderate to vigorous) each day.  I think that was all the rules.

The reason I've never done a detox or cleanse before is because I don't find it necessary.  For starters, there is no scientific evidence that these things work.  I find that people usually do these things for one or two reasons.  1) They think it removes toxins from the body and 2) there's usually a hope or a promise of quick and sometimes significant(ish) weight loss.  First, there's no way to...

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