4 Types of Clutter and How it's Messing Up More Than Your Rooms.

By Amy Anderson:

I've been at war with clutter for a few years now.  OK, maybe war is a strong word.  Let's say, I've gone to battle here and there over the years.  Every now and again I reach a tipping point where it drives me nuts, I demand that all of our surfaces be slanted and I freak out a little, yelling at everyone to clean up their shit (maybe not always in those words) and they do.  That one time.  And tomorrow, there's more shit.  (Poor them because it quietly builds up until I can't take it anymore and to them it just came out of nowhere!)

After I work and work at it and it nothing changes, I eventually give up and decide it's just life, and we are cluttery people and it is what it is (OK, I never said that last part, I hate that saying but you get the gist).

Recently though, say, a couple of weeks ago I think, a switch flipped.  I'm more determined than ever.  Thing is, I'm evolving.  And it's really quite...

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