Should you Cave to the Crave?

By Amy Anderson:

Just curious, when you get a major junk food or sugar craving do you fight the good fight or cave to the crave?  For me, it depends.  Cravings are tricky business and can really throw us off, even when we are really focused on doing better.  So why is it we get these pesky cravings anyway?

There are a few reasons.  The one that I had going on yesterday was shear exhaustion.  I have really been practicing mindfulness on the regular for the past few years and I have learned to recognize how I'm feeling and what the effects of those feelings are.  Without a doubt the majority of my cravings occur when I'm feeling sleep deprived.  This is not coincidence, it's all chemical.  Isn't it fun that our bodies tend to crave foods that are high carb, fat and salt when we're super tired?  Yeah, thanks body. 

Does this sound familiar?  Pay attention next time, see if that's true for you too.

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