Spring: A time for Revival, Renewal, Rebirth!

By Amy Anderson:

I live in the northeast.  The winters are cold, dark and usually way too long.  While it tends to get to me after a while, I do love the change of seasons.  It's a reminder of the cycles we go through in all areas of our lives. 

The birth of a new phase, idea or adventure, the highlights and peaks, a slow decline or shift away from that phase, a period of hibernation, frozen in time until you're renewed with excitement for the next chapter.

A spring thaw is a beautiful thing.  You get excited for the outdoors, a renewed energy that comes with more light.  You get ambitious, eager and motivated to move forward.

I'm not exactly sure how that works for people who can't discern one season from the next but I know in these parts, it's obvious that spring has a similar effect on many people.

After a long winter of being layered in pants, long sleeves, sweaters and socks,  it's easy to let your body "get away from you" a...

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