Consistency is KEY: Weight Loss and Healthy Habits That Last

By Amy Anderson:

Sometimes I fear that I sound so negative when I'm talking about health and wellness.  That sounds a little contradictory for a Health Coach I suppose, but it's true.  I have a tendency to let all the scammy products and programs out there get to me.  It makes me sad when people are so moved by the thought of a lower number on the scale or a few inches off their waist that they jump on the chance to dump money down the drain for gimmicky solutions to issues you can't resolve in a few weeks time.  Stay with me for a minute.

What are some of your most unhealthy habits?  Maybe you're a smoker (please quit), maybe you're addicted to soda or candy, maybe you eat ice cream before bed every night or you come home every day from work and plop on the couch only to get up for food and to pee (most of us are too busy for that but you never know).  Maybe you have drinks every night after dinner or you get sucked into your phone or Netflix for hours...

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