Practicing Positive Thoughts

Do you find yourself saying or thinking things like: “That is just too hard for me”, “I suck at…”, or “I can’t believe I was that dumb”?

While I’m sure you are not intentionally wanting to make yourself feel bad or wanting to be unkind to yourself, you are. Not only that; but you are reiterating to yourself that it IS too hard, that you DO suck, or you ARE dumb.

The one voice we hear the most is our own, so shouldn’t that be a voice of kindness, love, compassion, encouragement, and happiness? Well for some of us that’s easier said than done. We’re all products of our environment and we may not know how to think positively for no other reason than we were never taught or because we didn’t realize it was a teachable skill. I’m here to tell you that it is! We all have the ability to shift the way we think to be more positive and ideally live even happier lives.

We’ve all heard it: “Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits”

Here are a few daily thought practicing phrases to get you started on being kinder to yourself and feeling even more positively.

“I am always learning new things and chose to embrace challenges that come my way.”

“I am committed to consistently practicing positive thinking.”

“I am happy when I get a second chance to try something again.”

“I can be great at anything I do with continued practice.”


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