Move because you can, not because you need to be punished for what you ate. 

Purposeful movement is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle but it doesn't have to be a chore.  

  • You can do anything you like!  Walk the dog, go salsa dancing, lift hand weights in your living room, swim, jump rope, row, ride a bike, do yoga....
  • Think about stretching for flexibility, keeping good balance, getting stronger, raising your heart rate.  All things that will help you to move gracefully into whatever your next phase is.
  • Find a partner or multi-task by watching your favorite show while you're on the treadmill or listen to your favorite podcast or a good book while you walk.

Being able to exercise is a gift.  The gift that keeps on giving!  You will increase your energy, keep stiffness, aches and pains at bay and keep your weight in check as a natural byproduct.

At home workouts!

Get a gym worthy workout in your living room! Kettlebells are an excellent way to get a great workout on your own time without expensive equipment or major space requirements.


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